SYRIA: Aleppo Christians and the metropolis’s slow revival after being “paralysed” by war


Christian leaders say Iraq’s monasteries and churches could soon become mere relics unless something is done to curb the violence against Christians. During an Aug. 26 press conference, Syriac Catholic Patriarch of Antioch Mar Ignatius Joseph III Younan described Christians as “the most targeted and most vulnerable” minority in the region — and not just because of the Islamic State (IS). IN

“Once an industrial hub that generated 60 per cent of Syria’s output, Aleppo now only consumes. Security remains an issue, as does the presence of sleeper cells. A generation of children has been “destroyed” by the war. For every young man in the city there are 12 young women. Dialogue with islam continues over identity, charity and testimony…” Click here for full text.

Dario Salvi
6 September 2017

Parish priest of Aleppo: Christians are the target of many attacks


Photo by twiga_swala