There’s No Such Thing as Islamophobia


The term ‘Islamophobia’ is intended to give the religion of Mohammed a status of exemption denied to other spiritual systems and world views. IN

“In 1910, a French editor in the colonial ministry, Alain Quellien, published The Muslim Policy in West Africa. This work, addressed to specialists, is one of measured praise for the religion of the Koran, a ‘practical and indulgent’ religion, better adapted to indigenous peoples, while Christianity is ‘too complicated, too abstract, too austere for the rudimentary and materialist mentality of the Negro.’ Seeing Islam as a civilizing force that “removes peoples from fetishism and its degrading practices” and thus facilitates European penetration, the author calls for an end to prejudices that equate this confession with barbarism and fanaticism, castigating the ‘Islamophobia’ prevalent among colonial personnel. What is needed, on the contrary, is to tolerate Islam and to treat it impartially…” Click here for full text.

City Journal
Pascal Bruckner
Summer 2017

‘Islamophobia’: A Muslim Brotherhood Invention to stifle criticism

Photo by Lorie Shaull