Palestinians and Internationalization: Means and Ends


On the back of the growing wave of anti-imperialism, and anti-colonialism, and with the explicit backing of Arab, Muslim, and Communist states, the “Palestine Question” became a central focus of the UN and the internationalist system from the mid-1960s onward. IN

“The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement represents itself as a grassroots Palestinian effort to mobilize global support against Israel. In reality, it is a loosely coordinated effort by the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), the Muslim Brotherhood, and the global left, purporting to speak in the name of the Palestinian people. In American parlance this is ‘Astroturf,’ a fake grassroots movement…” Click here for full text.

Middle East Forum
Alexander H. Joffe
26 November 2017

Photo by gnuckx